5 Food Choices To Dress Down Date Night

Casual, unpretentious dates are the hallmarks of a successful long term relationship, or even a relationship that likes to keep the couple outings on the down-low. However, for couples that usually only go out for events like birthdays and Valentine's Day, it can be tricky to go out for a bite to eat that's more upscale than a trip to a chain restaurant but not uncomfortably stuck-up. Here are five food options for dressing down date night to make your date nights more low-key and comfortable. 


Going out for a quick California roll can be whatever you want to make it, in that you can choose to spend big for fish fresh from Japan or you can go to an all-you-can-eat place for a more casual vibe. One mark of a date-worthy sushi restaurant is one that skips the disposable wooden chopsticks in favor of something more durable. 

Chicken Wings

While hitting the sports bar might not be classy enough for some couples, chicken wings in various permutations can be a welcome way to dress down your date nights. If you're scrolling through menus online, look for places that serve more than just the classic buffalo or barbecue wings. Options like spicy Asian-fusion wings or Cajun jerk chicken wings can offer interesting alternatives and show you that there's a skilled, ambitious chef behind the counter, which is always a reliable indicator of a great restaurant. 


Charcuterie is one of the hottest date foods out there because it's refined without being pretentious--like a casual meal for James Bond. Cured meats, smoked cheeses, and more pâté than you can shake a stick at makes for a great combination that doesn't have to be an event that requires dressing up. 

Clam Shack/Lobster Pound

If you and your significant other are fortunate enough to enjoy a summer on the coast, then hitting the clam shack or lobster pound is a must for date night. Most authentic places are run like small burger shops, so they're perfect for couples that don't need someplace super refined in order to have a good time. 


Rather than scarfing down a huge burger in front of your significant other, ordering a trio of sliders offers couples the chance to enjoy a variety of flavors. Sliders are a good stepping stone towards less formal dates because they're like having a burger night without going to a fast food joint. 

Look at the restaurants in your area, such as the Luxe Sports Grill, to see what fun and casual romantic outings you can plan.