3 Italian Take-Out Meals Ideal For Tailgating

Tailgating is a great way to hang out and celebrate before a big football game. While a lot of people like to cook their own food, sometimes the efforts can be a little time consuming and exhausting. If you're craving some Italian food on your next tailgating trip, then there are four take-out items ideal for the event. The following three meal ideas are portable and easy to eat while tailgating. They can be found at a number of Italian restaurants and become a new tradition for your tailgating experience.

Bread Sticks & Dips

Create your own dipping station at your tailgating spot. Bread sticks are delicious, filling, and can come in a variety of flavors and options when ordered from an Italian restaurant. For example, you can order basic garlic butter bread sticks or bread sticks with cheese melted on them. A variety of dipping sauces can include marinara sauce, ranch, Alfredo, or something spicy like a buffalo sauce. If you're looking for something for dessert, then you can see if the restaurant has dessert sticks. These sticks are traditional bread sticks that have been topped with cinnamon and sugar. A sugar glaze dipping sauce is often served with them.

Italian Soups

As the football season drifts into the autumn and winter months, you may find yourself dealing with cold and harsh weather for each game. You can get instantly warmed up with an order of Italian soups. There are many types of soups that you can order for your tailgating experience. A number of Italian restaurants offer noodle-based soups with a rich broth and meats like sausage or chicken. If you're looking for more traditional tailgating food then you can order Italian chili. This soup features a traditional chili with pasta mixed into it.

Italian Wraps

Get your favorite converted into a wrap that is easy to carry and eat while enjoying tailgating festivities. Italian wraps come with a number of different filling ingredients. For example, you can order a chicken Parmesan wrap filled with sauce and cheese. A chicken Caesar wrap is classic food choice that includes fresh chicken, Caesar dressing and fresh vegetables all rolled into one. Wraps can be ordered with a number of different sides including extra bread sticks, French fries, or mozzarella sticks. The finger foods are easy to grab and share whole tailgating.

Find an Italian restaurant close to the venue of the game. This allows you to be prepared ahead of time and makes it easy to call in your orders.