Visiting A High-Energy Mexican Restaurant With Live Music

Mexican restaurants tend to be lively, energetic places. Many even have live bands on stage to play up-tempo music during busy dining hours. If you plan on visiting one of these restaurants, you may not be quite sure what to expect and how to act. Here are some tips to help ensure you have a good time, enjoy the experience, and have a lovely meal.

Bring friends who like a lively atmosphere

Mexican restaurants with live music are fun places to be, but some people do not like this loud and vibrant atmosphere. That's okay; no atmosphere is for everyone. You'll have a better time if you dine with friends who are as into this lively atmosphere as you are. So, make it clear what you are inviting your friends to do when you invite them to dinner. Invite people who you are pretty confident won't be overwhelmed by the loud music and energetic people. If everyone at your table is having fun, you'll have more fun.

Order a drink or two

If you are someone who consumes alcohol, this is the perfect opportunity to order an authentic Mexican drink. A margarita is a classic choice. At authentic Mexican restaurants, they tend to be made with real juices rather than a pre-made mix, which makes for a delicious experience. Other Mexican cocktails to consider ordering include micheladas, cantaritos, and palomas. A drink will likely help you relax and get more into the busy, lively vibe created by the band.

Share some appetizers

Dining at a Mexican restaurant – especially one with live music – is a group experience. Everyone is having fun and dining together. You can perpetuate this atmosphere by ordering appetizers to share. Chips and salsa is a classic choice. If the restaurant offers tableside guacamole, it's another great thing to order since you get to watch it being made. Other good appetizers to enjoy include sopes and flautas.

Don't skip dessert

Usually by the time your entrees come, you'll really be into the music and the overall atmosphere at the Mexican restaurant. You'll want to extend the experience a little longer, and a great way do to that is by ordering dessert. Flan is an excellent choice. It's a creamy custard. Another delicious Mexican dessert is tres leches cake.

Mexican restaurants that play live music are incredible places to be – especially if you follow this advice when visiting. To learn more about Mexican dining with live music, check out local restaurants.