Healthy Options for Fast-Food Takeout

If you're like most Americans, life is hectic, and, sometimes, ordering takeout for dinner is the best option for busy families with working parents. But, if you're watching your weight, you will have to choose your entree carefully. Here are the best three options to pick. Pizza Skip the greasy, calorie laden meats, like sausage and pepperoni. Instead, load up on the vegetables. A veggie pizza doesn't need to be boring. Read More 

3 Italian Take-Out Meals Ideal For Tailgating

Tailgating is a great way to hang out and celebrate before a big football game. While a lot of people like to cook their own food, sometimes the efforts can be a little time consuming and exhausting. If you're craving some Italian food on your next tailgating trip, then there are four take-out items ideal for the event. The following three meal ideas are portable and easy to eat while tailgating. Read More 

Throw The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner With These Important Tips

If you have an upcoming wedding and are planning the rehearsal dinner, then you want to make sure it goes off smoothly and is fun. You shouldn't have to spend too much time fretting about it because it's supposed to be a relaxing, stress-free way for friends and family to spend some time together before the big day. Of course, you still need to put some planning into the rehearsal dinner. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Make Authentic Italian Pizza Like Your Favorite Italian Restaurant

Walk into your favorite pizza place and grab a pie and you know what you're getting because the menu items will pretty much be similar no matter what place you visit. However, if you prefer an authentic Italian pizza, the pie that is set before you when your order is complete will be far from anything like you would find at the traditional American pizza joints. Thin crispy crust, fresh toppings, and a tell-tale blend of seasonings that liven your taste buds are all reasons why authentic Italian pizza is something different. Read More 

Stronger Together: Seafood, Fusion Restaurants That Will Make Your Restaurant The New “It” Spot

If you are opening a new restaurant, you may be interested in coming up with a concept that will bring in more individuals. If you want a restaurant that will attract a wide variety of foodies, one of the best concepts to go with is a fusion restaurant. Fusion restaurants are a great way to find people that are interested in trying new food choices along with something that they already enjoy. Read More