Stronger Together: Seafood, Fusion Restaurants That Will Make Your Restaurant The New “It” Spot

If you are opening a new restaurant, you may be interested in coming up with a concept that will bring in more individuals. If you want a restaurant that will attract a wide variety of foodies, one of the best concepts to go with is a fusion restaurant. Fusion restaurants are a great way to find people that are interested in trying new food choices along with something that they already enjoy. A seafood restaurant is excellent for a fusion with another food choice because of seafood's usage in many cooking dishes and cultures. Here are some seafood fusion choices that can make your restaurant the new "it" choice in town. 

Sips and Sushi

If you are interested in an upscale bar atmosphere for your restaurant, you can go with a sips and sushi restaurant. Bring in wines, liquors, and beers from all over the world for your guests to try. People will drive in order to try a rare beer from Germany or taste the latest saki from Japan. Serve several choices of seafood sushi to keep the menu light, but make sure your venue is the perfect collaboration between a restaurant and bar. This will make food easy to prepare so that it can be ready right along with well drinks and specialty liquors. 

All-American fusion

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and other choices are the epitome of American food. Open a restaurant that offers a twist on American food choices by making seafood the centerpiece. Offer salmon steaks with asparagus and potatoes instead of beef steak choices. Create fish burgers along with a side of fries or chips. Nachos sprinkled with fried catfish instead of beef are a crunchy and enjoyable option. Seafood can be a healthier and tastier choice for many who enjoy American style food but don't enjoy the calories.

Breakfast and seafood 

Being able to receive breakfast at any time is a novelty that many families will enjoy. Serve eggs or omelets with a side of salmon or fried catfish with Belgian waffles. Fish is a great light meal choice for breakfast and works well with pancakes, crepes, and plenty of egg dishes. Be prepared for heavy crowds who have missed breakfast at other locations due to the time, or the after church and after the night club crowds on the weekends. This restaurant is perfect for city centers as a late night date spot, as well. 

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