3 Delicious American Dishes That You Should Order At An American Restaurant

It is no secret that American food is absolutely delicious. The variety of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are amazing, and can please pretty much anyone. If you are heading to an American restaurant in the near future, then this article will give you a great idea of what you should order. It will discuss 3 delicious American dishes that you should definitely consider ordering when you go. 


Hamburgers are perhaps one of the most American sandwiches that you can order. The great thing about these delicious burgers is the fact that they can come with so many different things on them. You can add cheese to them, as well as the traditional condiments of ketchup, mustard, onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickles, or you can get more unique. For example, there are burgers that come with bacon, onion rings, blue cheese, pastrami, ranch, or pretty much whatever you can think of. All of these burgers are quite delicious, and you will definitely find one that sounds just right to your taste buds. 

Corn Dog

What could be more delicious than a hot dog? Well, how does a hot dog that has been dipped in a delicious batter and then fried until it is perfectly crispy sound? This is what you will get if you order a corn dog at an American restaurant. You will also have the option of dipping your corn dog in pretty much whatever sauce you would like with the two most popular being ketchup and mustard. Another great thing about these delicious morsels is the fact that they are usually one of the less expensive items on the menu, so you won't have to spend the big bucks to enjoy one or maybe two.

Apple Pie

When it comes to dessert, most American restaurants serve a delicious apple pie. It really doesn't get more delicious than fresh apples that have been cut, covered in butter, cinnamon, and sugar, and then poured into a homemade pie crust for baking. You can also choose to have this delicious pie served with whipped cream on top and a side of ice cream to make it even more appealing. So next time you go to an American restaurant, be sure to save some room for this delicious dessert. 

Whether you are ordering a corn dog, a delicious hamburger, or a warm apple pie from an American restaurant, you really can't go wrong with American food.