Turn It Up To 11 With Unique Live Music

When you're planning your next catered event, consider bringing live entertainment to the restaurant or other venue. Whether you are planning a sweet 16, a wedding or a family get together, you can make the party your own with the right live music. Here are some unique types of bands that will make your event memorable and unique.

Polish Polka Band

Families with Eastern Eurpoean backgrounds often love including a polka or two in any celebration. Take this a step further by hiring a polka band for your entire event.

Older guests will enjoy reliving happy memories, and young people will get a chance to learn this great dance. All of your guests will enjoy hearing the accordions play as people glide and twirl to the music.

Square Dance Caller

Square dancing is fun, easy and brings people together. Unfortunately square dancing is a tradition that is on the decline. Bring it back by hiring a square dance band and caller for your party. Treat guests to a square dancing lesson at the beginning of the party and then watch them enjoy this fun new activity.

Your guests will enjoy it so much that you may even start a trend.

Swing Band

A swing band is fun, especially for an event with a 40s or 50s theme. You don't need to hire a big band to get a big band sound, and swing music makes everyone want to get up and dance.

80s Tribute Band

There is no live music more fun than 80s music. An 80s tribute band will keep you and your guests dancing all night. Be sure to let guests know the theme ahead of time so they can dig out their leg warmers, stirrup pants and hairspray.

Steel Drums

Steel drums are a fantastic choice for a wedding in the tropics or even one with just a tropical theme. Bring the islands to your guests with the unique sound of steel drums. Serve Caribbean food to keep the theme going.


Hiring a Motown band is the perfect way to get your guests grooving. Motown music is a specific style that brings back wonderful memories for many people. The smooth style of Motown is perfect for an anniversary or a sophisticated wedding.

Live music is a great way to liven up any party and help people enjoy an event. Bring some unusual live music to your party for a night your guests will never forget. For more information, contact Flora-Bama or a similar company.