Three Etiquette Rules For Watching Live Music At A Restaurant

Enjoying live music in the setting of a restaurant or bar provides a unique experience. Unlike attending a show at a stadium or concert hall, you're up close and personal with the performers -- and being able to enjoy a meal or some drinks and appetizers is a pretty good perk, too. Even as you enjoy the music, it's important to be aware of your fellow patrons and avoid engaging in any behavior that is disruptive. Here are three etiquette rules to follow to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience at the show. 

Take It Easy With The Electronics

No one's going to fault you for wanting to snap a photo or two of the performer, but taking pictures throughout the night -- especially given that you'll probably need to use your flash -- is going to annoy most everyone around you, not to mention the band members. Additionally, trying to record the performance on your smartphone will distract the music fans behind you, whose eyes will constantly be drawn to the glow of your screen. Besides, unless the lighting dynamics in the room are perfect, you're not going to get a great-quality video, so you might as well skip the attempt to record the show. Put down your device and focus on simply enjoying the live music in front of you.

Make Your Food And Drink Orders Quickly

Part of the enjoyment of seeing live music at a restaurant (such as Water Front Bar And Grill) is getting to enjoy food and drink throughout the show. And, while your servers will typically try to visit your table during a break in the performance, they'll invariably visit you during the music, too. Do your best to be ready to order and keep your back-and-forth conversations to a minimum. Your server might be blocking people sitting behind you, so giving your order quickly and allowing the server to get out of the way will keep other patrons happy, especially if you're sitting at the front of the room.

If You're Not There For The Music, Find Another Plan

Nearly everyone's been to a show at which some people clearly aren't interested in the music and continue to talk loudly throughout the night. If you're not a fan of the music or you're getting together with old friends and want to catch up, it's time to make some alternative arrangements. Many restaurants that have live music inside will seat some patrons out on a patio, or vice versa. Look for this scenario instead of talking loudly and disrupting the band and the other diners.