Ways To Enjoy Pancakes At A Family Restaurant

When you have young children, it's always ideal to find family restaurants that you can visit in your community. Some kids are slightly picky when it comes to food, but family restaurants are known for their diverse menu that makes it easy for children to find meals that they enjoy. It can be nice to go out to breakfast on occasion as a family. A weekend breakfast can be a fun way to get the day started. You'll see pancakes on the menu at virtually every family restaurant, with these three options often being available.


A stack of pancakes is a popular meal for people of all ages, and any child who enjoys eating pancakes will gravitate toward this way of ordering them. Family restaurants have different sizes of stacks based on the patron's appetite. A young child might get a stack of two or three pancakes, for example, while an older child might order a taller stack. There are lots of ways to order a stack of pancakes. For example, some children will enjoy the traditional method of butter and syrup, while others will be excited about fresh berries and powdered sugar on top.

Breakfast Platter

Lots of kids will enjoy a stack of pancakes, but if your child is looking for more diversity in their breakfast, they may wish to order a breakfast platter. This type of breakfast is available at many family eateries and includes a number of different items. While the platter will often feature a pancake, it may also have such options as eggs, sausages, and more. Lots of kids will enjoy the variety of tastes they get with a breakfast platter that includes at least one pancake.

Pancake Wrap

Some family restaurants feature pancake wraps on their menus. This is a non-traditional breakfast dish that a child who loves pancakes will likely enjoy. Pancake wraps feature a pancake that is either rolled or folded with various other breakfast foods inside of it. For example, it's common to find a pancake wrap that features eggs and bacon inside. Your child can eat this breakfast dish in different ways. They might choose to pick it up and eat it like a burrito, but they can also pour syrup over it and eat it with a knife and fork. Find a family restaurant in your area such as National Coney Island and plan to visit for pancakes or another tasty breakfast food.