Enjoy These Egg Dishes When You Go For Brunch

Brunch can be an exciting meal to enjoy with family and friends in all sorts of different scenarios. You might plan to occasionally go for brunch after church, or plan to visit a restaurant that specializes in this cuisine to celebrate a special occasion. Perhaps the best thing about brunch food is the wide range of dishes that are available. It can be fun to sample a selection of breakfast and lunch foods, all in one meal. If you enjoy eggs, you don't need to eat standard options such as fried or scrambled eggs. Instead, these egg dishes are often available.


It's common to find one or more quiche options when you visit a brunch restaurant, and this can be an appealing choice for anyone who enjoys egg dishes but who wants something a little more special. Baked in a pie crust, quiches can range from simple to complex. You'll often find standard options that primarily feature eggs, but you can also encounter quiches with spinach, ham, bacon, onions, and a variety of other ingredients. It can be enjoyable to try a plain slice or one with several additional ingredients, depending on what tastes you enjoy.

Breakfast Sandwich

You'll often find breakfast sandwiches available at brunch restaurants, which can be a good way to enjoy breakfast fare in a manner that is more consistent with lunch food. Breakfast sandwiches can be on all sorts of bread products, including buns, croissants, biscuits, and more. Egg is a fixture on these sandwiches, but you'll often encounter additional protein sources. For example, lots of breakfast sandwiches include one or more types of cheese, as well as meat such as ham or bacon. This is a brunch item that can be highly filling, making it desirable for those who have big appetites.

Deviled Eggs

You'll occasionally find traditional hard-boiled eggs at a brunch restaurant, but if you're interested in something with a twist, look for deviled eggs. These are eggs that are hard-boiled but are then prepared to offer a variety of flavors. They're sliced in half and the yolk is removed, mixed with a variety of ingredients such as mayonnaise, and then piped onto the egg in a decorative manner. Finely diced chives, a few dashes of paprika, and various other ingredients appear on the top of each half-egg. Look for these and other egg dishes when you visit a local brunch restaurant.