Mexican Foods You Can Order For The Whole Family

Do you want to bring some excitement to your dinner table? Maybe you're hosting a party or just craving some Mexican flavors? Look no further than these delicious Mexican dishes that can be ordered for big groups or the whole family. 

Read on for some great options to try. 

Arroz con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is a traditional Mexican dish that translates to "rice with chicken." It is a delicious and hearty meal perfect for feeding the whole family. The dish consists of rice cooked in a seasoned chicken broth with tender pieces of chicken, vegetables, and spices.

What makes arroz con pollo such a great dish for families is its versatility. It is easy to customize the dish to suit different preferences. One can order more vegetables, spices, or even change the type of meat used. 

Additionally, the dish is great for leftovers. The rice and chicken can be reheated easily, and it tastes just as good the second time around. This makes it a great option for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

Sharing a big pot of arroz con pollo with loved ones is a great way to bond and create memories together. Plus, ordering a big family-style dish like this can be a great value for the money. It's an affordable and delicious way to feed the whole family while enjoying the flavors of Mexican cuisine.


Sopes are a delicious and traditional Mexican dish perfect for feeding the whole family. They consist of a small, thick tortilla that is fried until crispy and then topped with various ingredients, such as beans, meat, cheese, and salsa. Sopes are often eaten as a snack or appetizer, but they can also be served as a main course for a filling and flavorful meal.

Like many traditional Mexican dishes, sopes can be easily customized with different toppings to suit different tastes. They're also perfect for sharing. Everyone can choose their own toppings and create their own unique flavor combinations. This makes it easy to accommodate picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions.

Order a few different varieties and let everyone explore the different flavor combinations. It's a great way to bond as a family and enjoy the delicious flavors of Mexican cuisine together.

While many options for Mexican dishes can be ordered for the whole family, these two are especially great choices. Arroz con pollo is a delicious and hearty dish perfect for feeding the whole family, while sopes are great for sharing and creating unique flavor combinations. Both dishes are sure to bring some excitement to the dinner table.

Reach out to a local Mexican restaurant to learn more.