For True Mexican Food, Go Traditional

Mexican food is a part of the pantheon of American food, but many of the foods we know as Mexican are nothing more than Americanized versions of the Mexican original. While taco and burrito joints are a dime a dozen in most cities, if you want real Mexican food, you need to look beyond the ease of ready-to-order food and try to find classics. For example, you could try mole, carne adobada, or tamales. Read More 

3 Reasons Authentic Mexican Food Is Healthier Than Tex-Mex

If you live in the United States, the majority of the Mexican food that you consume is most likely Tex-Mex, which is a blend of Mexican, Native American, and European ingredients and cooking methods. Tex-Mex tends to feature more beef, wheat flour, and cumin, whereas authentic Mexican food features corn tortillas, various protein sources other than beef, and various white cheeses as opposed to yellow cheese. There are several reasons why authentic Mexican food can be the healthier choice between the two. Read More 

What’s Wrong With That Pasta? 3 Surprising & Delicious Kinds Of Pasta

White pasta tends to be the old standby when it comes to dining out at an authentic Italian restaurant, but for those looking to expand their boiled carbohydrate horizons, there's a huge variety of different mix-ins, flavorings, and even foundations that can be added to pasta dough for a totally new eating experience. If you want to try something new on your next forkful of homemade pasta, then try looking for one of these three unique types of pasta that look and taste radical. Read More 

Planning Your First Holiday Party: Here’s What To Expect For The Bar

Planning your very first catered holiday party is likely to require tons of food planning as well as alcoholic beverage planning. If you're just serving beer or wine, many of your choices are easy. However, since it's the holiday season, you'll likely want special cocktails as well as harder liquor. Your caterer from your favorite restaurant can help you decide what to serve. But as you're creating your list, this guide explains what you can expect your caterer to bring to your home to properly serve alcoholic beverages at your holiday party. Read More 

Three Etiquette Rules For Watching Live Music At A Restaurant

Enjoying live music in the setting of a restaurant or bar provides a unique experience. Unlike attending a show at a stadium or concert hall, you're up close and personal with the performers -- and being able to enjoy a meal or some drinks and appetizers is a pretty good perk, too. Even as you enjoy the music, it's important to be aware of your fellow patrons and avoid engaging in any behavior that is disruptive. Read More